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Introducing.... pureWash® Eco-Friendly Laundry System

Check out the biggest revolution in home laundry systems since the advent of indoor plumbing! It is pureWash®, an environmentally friendly laundry appliance that produces sparkling clean fresh laundry with little or NO detergent, bleach or fabric softener! pureWash uses only COLD water and installs to your existing washing machine.

Water treated by pureWash kills bacteria and viruses and lifts away dirt and grime without depositing chemicals in waste water or leaving residual detergent in the fabric.

Detergents are petrochemical compounds that change the molecular composition of water to allow it to remove dirt and grime from your soiled laundry. pureWash makes the same compositional changes to water by adding enhanced oxygen and photo-catalytic oxidizers to the cold water supply. It eliminates the use of harmful chemicals, using the strength of oxygen to turn your water into the most powerful and efficient cleaning agent possible.

Clean smelling clothes

Stop wasting money on hot water and laundry chemicals that pollute our environment. Ask us about pureWash today and enjoy fresher, cleaner clothes the natural way.


  • Use little or no detergent, bleach, or fabric softener
  • Eliminates need for hot water washing
  • Expected to provide 10 yrs of service
  • Advance oxidation laundry system for use with residential washing machines
  • Available for top or front load machines
  • Energy saving - uses less electricity than the average light bulb
  • Only activates when your washing machine calls for waterPure Wash eco friendly
  • No need to heat water
  • Clothes dry faster without detergent residue

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Environmentally Friendly

  • Reduces the discharge of chemicals in our laundry waste water
  • Decreases clogging, and increases decomposition in septic systems by not discharging detergents which can kill "good bacteria"
  • Reduces disposal of plastic laundry containers that clutter our landfills. (the average family of 4 use approximately 37 containers a year!

Pure wash eco friendly

Health Benefits

  • Reduces or eliminates skin irritations and allergic reactions caused by residual chemicals in fabric from detergent, bleach, and fabric softener.
  • Ozone kills micro-organisms found in soiled laundry. Ozone is 3000 times more reactive than chlorine bleach.
  • Ozone kills infectious bacteria such as E. Coli, Salmonella, Strep, and many others.
  • Hospitals have been using the technology for over 20 years becasue of its disinfecting and cleaning properties.

Laundry Tidbits

  • The rinse cycle actually works as a second wash cycle!
  • Darker darks and sharper colors due to no chemicals, detergent residue, or hot water.
  • No need to sort clothes due to eliminating hot water and b leach (except new fabrics).
  • Clothes, linens, and towels will be softer and fluffier with the decrease in detergent residue.
  • Fabric life is extended from lack of hot water, and the chemicals that cause fiber shredding.
  • Clothes left in washing machine for extended periods will not sour because residual detergent is not present to feed mold and mildew.
  • Improves washing machine performance and ends need to purchase washing machine cleaner.
  • No need to purchase special detergents for infants, children, or those sensitive to chemicals.

Truly Clean Laundry


"At the Huron Humane Society we do at least ten loads of laundry a day. A pureWash laundry system was donated to our facility approximately two weeks ago. Now, I will say I was a little skeptical at first, I mean our laundry is 'VERY soiled' to put it mildly. We house up to 30 dogs and puppy's and about 85 cats and kittens on any day. To put the system to the test i was asked to find some really smelly laundry. i chose several blankets that had been in a bag all day. The aroma almost knocked us over....It only took ONE wash, the blanket seriously smelled like they had come from the clothesline. i will recommend this product to other shelters and also to my friends and family. It is eco friendly and eliminates the cost of laundry soaps."

- Natalie Francis - Huron humane Society

"My husband and I own a farm and have heavily soiled clothes to wash almost daily. Using the purWash laundry system, I no longer use hot water an little to no detergent and my clothes come out clean and smelling fresh. My husband also has skin sensitivities and with the pureWash, I no longer have to buy expensive hypo allergenic detergents."

- Jennifer from Tawas City, Michigan

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